Travel Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Cruise Ship

Choosing the right cruise line can be a daunting task with the vast amount of operators vying for your attention.

It’s important to match your style to the ship. For example, a single would have a dreadful time on a honeymoon cruise. Or, someone looking for a black tie event and fine wine would lose their mind on a ship meant for college spring break. If you are able to pick the right boat for you, cruises can be the perfect way to travel. Many cruise ships include a package deal of entertainment and food, so cruises are often very affordable options for getting away.

Here are six important factors to consider in choosing the perfect cruise ship from the destination to the atmosphere.


It’s important to consider what destination and what activities you are looking for once you dock. Are you a beach lover? Then perhaps a Caribbean cruise is perfect for you. Carnival Cruise lines dominates the industry for Caribbean travel. For a complete 180 degrees, an Alaskan cruise through untouched wildlife may be more your pace. Princess Cruises and Holland America are the leaders among Alaskan cruises.  Read More


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